Rock Choir is monitoring the ongoing Coronavirus (COVID 19) outbreak and the impact it is having on us all. We are doing everything we can to ensure the safety and wellbeing of our Members, Choir Leaders and staff. As we all know, isolation can impact our general and mental health so we at Rock Choir are doing everything we can to continue to offer the Rock Choir Experience to all of our Members and also the British public for the duration of this crisis as follows:

  • All the Rock Choir HQ staff are working from home which means that our phone lines are now paused until further notice. However, you can still stay in touch with us via email:
  • Rock Choir has moved online! Our Choir Leaders will be teaching all of our Members from their homes for the entire 12-week summer term. Our brand new summer rehearsal schedule begins in the week starting Monday 20th April. New Members are very welcome to join us. Please click on the Join Us button from our website
  • Rock Choir is engaging with the British Public and its Members on a daily basis during its ‘Keep Britain Singing’ event inviting everyone and anyone to join a live singing session every day at 3pm on Facebook where our talented Choir Leaders will lead everyone through a different feel-good song every day to lift the spirits. Go to to join us! No Facebook account is needed to be able to join in.
  • We will continue to update our website with further information as we progress through this period of adjustment but in the meantime, a MASSIVE thank you to the thousands of loyal Rockies (Rock Choir Members) who are continuing to support us as we move forward with our summer rehearsals online. You are extremely kind and generous and we are very grateful to you all! Please stay safe, stay home, save lives.

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